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Random Quote

There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science.

— Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895)

Additional Science SoW

The latest lessons for the Additional Science Schemes of Work can be downloaded, with a number of other associated resources, from


Developing Thinking Skills

Here is an absolutely superb set of resources provided by Rose at our Science Network Meeting. These resources are based on Thinker’s Keys, originally developed by Tony Ryan.  These Resource Packs for KS3 and KS4 have been produced by Anne Pilling, Peter Robinson, Fran Killian, Jean Egerton, and Dawn Jones.


Science Websites

Are you lost online? Download our Science Brochure


Online Revision: Physics

The first FIVE activities are now o­nline for students

Physics Topics   (Focus o­n :  Heat Transfer and Renewable Energy)

Heat Transfer (Cloze Test)


Heat Transfer  (Crossword)


Heat Transfer  ( The Vacuum Flask:  Multiple Choice)


Renewable Energy


Electromagnetic Waves (Drag and Drop)


More to follow…..